State Incentives

Disclaimer: All incentive programs, except for the Small Business Incentive, are approved at the discretion of the Tracy City Council.

The City of Tracy also works with several agencies in the region that off a variety of services and assistance for businesses.

We encourage you to explore the business incentives and resources that we have provided and take advantage of the opportunity to save your business time and money.

Economic Development representatives are always available to answer any questions or provide additional information on any of the programs listed on our website.

The California Energy Commission provides $100 million annually in grants and loans for alternative and renewable fuels and advanced transportation technologies to help attain the state's climate change policies including:
The Air Quality Improvement Program is a voluntary incentive program administered by the CARB to fund clean vehicle and equipment projects, research on biofuels production and the air quality impacts
California Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation Authority (CAEATFA) provides eligible projects financial assistance in the form of a sales and use tax exclusion on the purchase of zero-emission vehicle and
The program excludes from sales and use taxes purchases of Qualified Property: Used to either process or use recycled feedstock in the production of another product or soil
Administered by the California Pollution Control Financing Authority, CalCAP encourages banks and other financial institutions that have a principal office in the State of California to make loans to small
This program offers a state income tax credit for companies that are locating or expanding in California with not less than 25% of the annual tax credits being reserved for
IDSs provide low interest, tax-exempt, long-term financing of up to $10 million for the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation and equipping of manufacturing, production and processing facilities for private companies. Only 25%
The ETP provides employers funding to offset the costs of job skills training. ETP funds are available to support customized job training for full-time California employees. Employers must provide proof
Small businesses can access these loans to finance diesel exhaust retrofits and heavy-dduty trucks and buses (over 14,000 gross vehicle weight training) equipped with engines certified to specified emission standards
Manufacturers and research and development companies may qualify for a partial exemption of sales and use tax on certain manufacturing and research and development equipment purchases and leases.
California tax law allows businesses that experience a loss for the year to carry this loss forward to the next year in order to offset income in the years that
This credit is available each taxable year between 01/01/14-01/01/21 to a qualified taxpayer that hires a qualified full-time employee on or after 01/01/14, and pays or incurs qualified wages attributable
A temporary incentive, this credit is for small businesses that create jobs in the next two years. Employers that began the year with 20 or fewer employees could claim a
This program encourages California-based recycling businesses to site new manufacturing facilities and expand existing operations. It provides low-interest loans for the purchase of equipment and other relevant business costs. Projects
This tax credit reduces income or franchise tax for eligible companies if they paid or incurred expenses while conducting qualified research in California while meeting the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
The California R&D Tax Credit offers a permanent tax credit for qualified research expenses incurred while conducting qualified research in California. Designed to encourage companies to increase their basic research