Quality of Life

We are a community where neighbors and local merchants greet you by name and the welcoming never stops. Where tradition, charity, and prosperity abound. Where Fortune 100 companies can thrive while their employees enjoy quality schools, a variety of recreational amenities, great restaurants, and shopping in a safe community.

Locals know the secret: the opportunity to live the good life still exists here. As one of the friendliest cities in California, Tracy is a place to focus on family and recreation, while value in the arts flourish in the community. This is a town where tradition and diversity are constantly reinvented and serve as the foundation forming the fabric of our community.

Elected officials, employees, and residents partner together to preserve Tracy as a well-maintained and safe community where opportunity, growth, and success prosper.

We invite you to visit Tracy, open your business here or settle down to raise a family. Think Inside the Triangle. You’ll be happy you did!