East Bay Community Energy

East Bay Community Energy LogoEast Bay Community Energy (EBCE) will begin serving residential, business, and municipal electricity customers throughout Tracy in April 2021. Service will begin upon the customer’s April meter read date, and billing (via PG&E) for that service will commence the following month. Per AB 117, electricity customers are automatically enrolled into the EBCE default plan as of April 2021, but can change their service plan within EBCE or opt out of EBCE and continue receiving PG&E electric generation service.

Tracy’s City Council voted unanimously to participate in the EBCE Community Choice Aggregation Program on August 20, 2019 and subsequently voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance joining EBCE’s joint powers authority on October 1, 2019. Formed in 2016, EBCE provides alternate electric generation services to consumers under a joint powers authority agreement with Alameda County and all eligible cities within the County. EBCE procures electricity and works with PG&E, who delivers the power, maintains the grid and bills customer accounts.

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 How does East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) work?

East Bay Community Energy purchases power with higher renewable content than PG&E. Other than receiving more renewable electricity at competitive prices, all other aspects of your electricity service remain the same. PG&E continues to deliver the electricity, maintain the power lines, handle billing, and respond to new service requests and emergencies. If you want to stay with PG&E for your electricity, you can opt out of East Bay Community Energy.

 Does EBCE cost more than PG&E?

Tracy has defaulted customers to EBCE’s Bright Choice option which is less expensive than PG&E even after newly unbundled charges are considered (PCIA, FF).  EBCE has three service options that customers can choose from; Bright Choice, Brilliant 100, and Renewable 100.  Bright Choice is slightly cheaper than PG&E and includes slightly more renewable energy.  Brilliant 100 is the same price as PG&E and 100% carbon-free.  Renewable 100 is slightly more expensive than PG&E and is 100% renewable.  Customers can learn more and choose which option they would like by contacting EBCE.

 Why make the change from PG&E to EBCE.

EBCE gives electricity customers in Tracy more choice, more renewables, and an opportunity to save money.  With an energy product, Bright Choice, priced below PG&E and set to be more renewable, customers can save money and assist climate action goals.  Additionally, those that want to choose a cleaner product have the ability to do so.  EBCE customers are also able to participate in EBCE programs in addition to PG&E programs.

 Will this affect my electricity reliability?

No.  EBCE is only responsible for the electricity generation service, PG&E continues to handle the electricity delivery service.  This is why PG&E still charges you for delivery as they did before (though they no longer charge for generation) and the bill still comes from PG&E.  If there is a power outage, customers will continue to work with PG&E to resolve it.  California’s electricity generation reliability is monitored and managed by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). Being enrolled in EBCE does not affect reliability in this regard.   

Additional FAQ’s can be found at www.ebce.org/faq/