Celebrating Small Businesses in Tracy, CA!

Celebrating Small Businesses in Tracy, CA! Main Photo

30 Apr 2024

The City of Tracy Economic Development Division understands that small, locally-owned businesses are critical to the overall well-being of the residents of Tracy, CA. The incredibly diverse and dynamic group of entrepreneurs and small business leaders all contribute significantly to the region’s outstanding quality of life. 

National Small Business Week, April 28 - May 4, is an excellent time to create awareness for the outsized contribution of these small businesses. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has historically held it in the first week of May each year, creating opportunities for national awareness and promoting small businesses locally. 
The staff of the Economic Development Division works year-round with site selectors, business owners and investors to help small businesses find success in Tracy. We ask everyone to join us in celebrating our local small businesses!

Essential community importance

In its 2023 Small Business Profile, the SBA Office of Advocacy indicated that 61.6 million employees, or 45.9% of the entire U.S. workforce, worked for small businesses. The California Profile demonstrates that 7.5 million employees, 47.6% of the state's labor force, worked at 4.1 million small businesses, 99.8% of the state's total.

While we, as customers, support our local businesses, these businesses support us, too. The American Independent Business Alliance reports that independent locally-owned businesses recirculate 48% of their revenue locally compared to 13% by chain businesses. That increased local spending creates more local wealth and jobs because locally-owned businesses typically buy from other locally-owned businesses, creating more jobs.

Another 2018 report from American Express stated that for every dollar spent at a local business in the United States, 68 cents stay within the local economy. Local businesses also create jobs within their community. With such a positive impact on the local economy and job seekers, it’s easy to see why doing our part to keep these places in business is imperative.

When shopping at a local store or eating a meal at a local restaurant, you can meet the owners and the various employees and access their local expertise. Walking amidst the downtown shops and stores is a great way to slow down during the holiday season and enjoy time with family and friends while getting to know these fantastic entrepreneurs. They can tell you what products and services can be used in your area or even point you toward other local businesses that may interest you. This friendly and inviting atmosphere paints a picture of what local businesses are all about.

Tracy supports small businesses.

The Economic Development Division offers comprehensive services, resources, and networking opportunities to make starting a business in Tracy quick and easy, beginning with a streamlined permitting process and a single point of contact. Peruse the rest of our resources below to help you along the path to success.

Business Incentives
Grants & Financing
Permits and Licenses
Small Business Resources
Workforce, Education and Training

Join us in celebrating National Small Business Week

This spring, we urge all our residents to shop local! Shopping in Downtown Tracy and dining at nearby restaurants will help those businesses and grow the local economy. You can help celebrate National Small Business Week in several ways, including:

  • Visit your favorite small businesses and let them know how much you enjoy having them in the community. Small business owners work hard, sometimes without much time off, so a word of encouragement is always welcome!
  • Go out to eat one extra time, buy something special from a friend or for the house or purchase a product or service from someone locally instead of online.
  • Write reviews on Facebook, Google or Yelp for each small business that has provided you with excellent customer service. People read testimonials when making purchasing decisions or even when deciding where to grab lunch. Your positive review could help them earn more business and doesn’t cost you anything!

The City of Tracy's Economic Development Division would like to thank all of Tracy’s local businesses for the tremendous benefits they bring to our community members, economy, and the environment. We appreciate all the benefits you bring and the warmth you inspire in our community. It is a joy to have you with us!