Think Inside the Triangle for Economic Development Week and Beyond

Think Inside the Triangle for Economic Development Week and Beyond Main Photo

8 May 2024

Tracy, CA, is a community centered in a triangle formed by the major Interstates of 580, 205 and 5. Expanding that radius, Tracy is situated just an hour from Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose and just a few hours from Los Angeles.

That strategic location has played a significant part in the historical economic development of Tracy. Today, the City of Tracy Economic Development Division is the economic development organization (EDO) focused on attracting, retaining, and growing businesses ‘Inside the Triangle.’ 

With the International Economic Development Council Economic Development Week from May 6 to 10, this spring is a perfect time to learn about the City of Tracy Economic Development Division’s role in the community. Just as important, the event offers the opportunity to recognize the efforts and commitment of the region’s business leaders and organizations striving to improve the City of Tracy’s quality of life.

A Partner in Mutual Success

The City of Tracy Economic Development Division doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Collaborative relationships with the numerous partners below help make operating locally extraordinarily efficient and beneficial.

Simply put, the City of Tracy Economic Development Division fuels continued economic growth through support for new businesses starting and those looking to expand. Its staff is the primary contact point for prospective businesses and site selectors interested in Tracy’s business incentives, available properties, permitting processes, development-related fees, and more. Along with partner agencies, the team facilitates business relocation, expansion, and start-up operations throughout all phases of the development process. At its core, the Division’s primary functions as an EDO are:

Business Retention & Expansion

EDOs offer advisory services, facilitate access to financial assistance like low-interest loans and tax credits, and provide workforce training opportunities to help businesses overcome challenges and leverage growth opportunities.

Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Small businesses and startups are essential catalysts for community innovation and job creation. From providing business planning guidance and site selection assistance to facilitating access to financing, EDOs serve as a proxy incubator for local entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Workforce Development

By fostering a solid talent pool trained at local educational institutions to thrive in local industries, EDOs ensure businesses have access to the skilled and talented employees they need to succeed without exhausting resources on grassroots training programs. 

Marketing & Promotion

Leveraging their network and strategic insights, EDOs raise awareness of the community’s strengths and opportunities. They highlight the area’s unique benefits, like cultural attractions and a business-friendly environment, to attract potential residents, investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Ultimately, an EDO aims to improve its residents’ overall quality of life. Economic development is often linked with community development projects such as affordable housing initiatives, recreational facilities, and downtown revitalization efforts. By nurturing a vibrant and prosperous local economy, EDOs contribute to communities where people want to live, work, and invest.   

Contact the City of Tracy Economic Development Division today to learn more about how we support the community and how we can help your business!